Hey Friends!

Welcome to the new home of Vision of Elegance – I am so glad you’re here! Last year, I meant to take maternity leave for three months to welcome our son, Jonas. I stepped away and let the business run itself while popping in here and there for certain clients on their upcoming weddings. Well, life has a way of throwing things at you and I quickly realized that life with two kiddos and a husband who works what feels like 90+ hours a week meant it was going to be challenging to jump back into it at the speed I wanted to. In addition, last year saw my father in law diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which he unfortunately passed from a short 7 months after his initial diagnosis. So I came to the conclusion that I would take a year long sabbatical and focus on where my attention needed to be: with my dear husband, my kids and my in laws. During this time, I did a lot of behind the scenes work but was not very active on social media – although I did pop in from time to time. Last year was a time for family and, while it was tough at times, it did allow me to reflect and grow and plan my long term goals for Vision of Elegance. The main question was this: where did I want VoE to go what did I want this overall brand to become? Vision of Elegance is a boutique wedding and design style company. In years past, we have offered floral but, for health reasons, have decided to step back from that for now. We do, however, have partnerships with great florists who will take great care of you and bring your vision to life. 

As many of you may have noticed, “Vision of Elegance” no longer has the “Events” as part of our official title and logo. While we will continue to plan weddings and enthusiastically grow the “events” side of the business, we are now also going to show a more personal side to us and that is our blog. Our blog will now feature a more “behind the scenes” look. Also, in addition to weddings, the blog will cover lifestyle, motherhood, health and wellness, and home decor, to name a few. I as the owner will be inviting you to join me and my husband as we build our first home together. We will be giving you a behind the scenes look at our building/design and selection process, our ups and downs. Let me just be honest their have been many downs and very few up,  and of course, the design and inspiration behind our home. The blog will also give me an opportunity to discuss with you my revitalized interest in health and wellness as I’ll take you along on my journey to live a healthier, more vital life (and bring my husband along kicking and screaming…haha). Coming from a background of broadcasting and journalism, my heart has always laid with writing and telling stories. I truly feel that this new blog will allow me to open my heart while, hopefully, helping others. Don’t get me wrong: you aren’t going to find breaking news or anything political on my blog. What you will find are posts about the topics I just mentioned which you hopefully will find useful, interesting and relatable.

Vision of Elegance has been my baby. So I guess you can say I am “raising” three..haha. No but really I find such great joy in working with my clients and planning and executing one of the most important days in their lives. Vision of Elegance has grown into something I am extremely proud of. In our first three years of business, we have traveled nationally and internationally to execute beautiful weddings for our clients. We have been featured in both local and national publications for our work and we have made so many lasting friendships along the way.

I know some of you may have questions about what’s next and what this all means, so here are some questions which I hope will address your concerns and please do not hesitate to reach out if you have others:

What does this mean for potential clients who are only looking for wedding related information?

There is a ton of wedding related information on the site about our services, pictures of our work and more about Vision of Elegance. This will give you more in depth look at the weddings we have done and our design process. We’ll also discuss the latest trends and wedding inspiration as well as some of the logistical and “back of the house” information, such as vision boards, more in depth look into our design process with our clients, etc. 

Why did you expand your blog into a personal one within the Vision of Elegance brand? 

The decision was a tough one for me. I went back and forth on whether or not to do this and had countless conversations with branding and social media experts to seek their opinions. I did think about having a completely separate “personal blog” but after months of consideration I thought this would be a great way for you to get to know me as both the owner of Vision of Elegance and as a person through the topics, both personal and business related, that I’ll cover on my blog. Ultimately, I feel that if you get to know me as a person, you’re more likely to trust me with your big day!