Yesterday was a big day for me and my husband: our beautiful and amazing little daughter turned a year old! Reaching this milestone makes me look back and reflect on my first year with her. First observation – WOW did it fly by fast! I’m so thankful that was able to be there and be a part of all of her little milestones and to watch her grow and evolve. Those memories are something I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. Being my own ‘girlboss’ has allowed me to build my own business and also have a front row seat to my child’s life. That’s not to say that I haven’t had my challenges balancing raising my baby and growing my business but this is one of those times where the rewards definitely outweighed the costs. This reward was well worth it.

This past year has taught me a lot and helped me grow and become a better, smarter business owner. Before I had my daughter, I thought I would be doing all of the teaching – teaching her how to crawl, how to walk and all those other fun things that parents get to do. Little did I know that she would be teaching me more about life and my business then I could have ever learned otherwise.

So what did exactly my daughters first year of life teach me about my business: 

1.  I am no longer the boss, she is…hehe!

2.  Learning to multi-task is a necessity.

3. Discipline, discipline, discipline. Setting a schedule and sticking to it is more important now then ever.

4. Setting aside time to “laser” focus on your business at least a few times a week to meet with clients, vendors or catch up on work is a must.

5. Laser focus works both ways. Having mommy/daughter time with no work distractions is refreshing and necessary!

6. Being a new mom & business owner is possible and you can excel at both!

7.  Pre-planning and creating content for social media, blog posts and your website in advance when you have the time to do so saves heartaches in the future when you may be pulled 50 different ways.

8.  A Babybjorn is not only a great convenient accessory but it also helps you get a lot of stuff done: phone calls, emails, and, in my case my, floral designs.

9. It’s ok to ask for help and delegate tasks to others, its still “my” business.

10. I’m not only a mom and a business owner, but a role model to my child. I have to become the person that I want my daughter to see me as.  

Look forward to seeing what the next year of her life will be like and how she and Vision of Elegance will continue to grow.